Restaurant in the polder landscape with a modern, chic interior and a beautiful patio. Magnificent products of the Zeeland region are prepared with accuracy and individuality, a bit of modern technique added here and there. Selected wines. Accommodation possible in two suites.


Ray's wing with green curry, radish and wild mussels. Sole and lacquered pork cheeks with celeriac, wakame and almond. Assorted cheeses with vegetables, fruits and herbs.


LEKKER top 100 2014 Nr 18


The creek from which it takes the name “De Kromme Watergang” is nowhere to be seen in the literally wide open view from the restaurant to the high banks of the Westerschelde. Perhaps it is the pond behind the altered homestead where carps snatch at bread thrown into the water.
A little bit of kitsch, such a pond. But that is really the only critical remark to be said over this restaurant which is good for a Michelin star. It sounds like an advertising copy, but here tradition works hand in hand with creativity.

Edwin Vinke, in 2011 nominated as “Chef of the Year” by Gault Millau, gets most of the ingredients a few steps from here, from the province of Zeeland and from Flanders. Fish, shellfish and clams are obviously his favourites but also deer shot in the vicinity or a duck liver from Bekegem.

Pleasant combinations come along: perfect cod with carrot and hand-chopped steak tartare, scallops swinging with tender pork snouts. Here, North Sea crab goes together with tsatsiki separated into its ingredients – the trendy deconstruction also didn’t go unnoticed.

The superlative of creativity is usually tested via the teasers. There is a mousse of mussels shaped in the form of a real mussel, mostly indistinguishable. There is beetroot juice with blueberries and – hard to believe – kletskop (a sort of almond biscuit) with sepia ink. All this asks daring, from both chef and guest.