I am sometimes asked: “What does cooking mean to you?” My reply… “Cooking comes from my heart!” It is an oversimplified answer, I admit. Although it certainly must come from the heart, inspiration, keen senses and concentration are key elements. The kitchen staff must be devoted to each other and form a close-knit team, otherwise things fall apart. There is absolute silence during service, ‘no moaning, just getting your head down and cooking’ and ‘tasting everything as you go along’! Day in, day out, a thousand times.

How well one cooks depends on a wide range of factors: technique, equipment, ingredients… The ingredients lay the foundation. We are always searching for fresh, genuine products. Sometimes we find them just around the corner, at other times a bit further away. We have to be attuned to natural, pure, authentic flavours. We allow the seasons to show us the way, focusing on the ripeness of vegetables and maturity of meats. All things one must consider to strike the perfect balance in your dishes.