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The salty soil on which he was born forms the basis of his cuisine.  Edwin has strong ties to nature. For him, nature is not there to subdue, but rather to discover and understand. It is the setting of a daily quest for the power and depth of flavour. Triumph is found in capturing that one, unforgettable taste sensation.


With ZILT, Edwin presents himself as more than the chef of De Kromme Watergang, since his inspiration does not stop at the stove. ZILT provides space for his endless creativity and his discoveries on the surrounding saline landscape and in the salty waters of the sea. Both are the enduring source of his inspiration.


The "ZILTE Brigade" is propelled by passion. The brigade brings together pleasure-lovers; people that love delicious food and drink… pure and simple. Quality above quantity and, if possible, in good company. The members of the brigade have a passion for gastronomy in general and De Kromme Watergang in particular. They share this passion with each other during exclusive gastronomic events. Tasting together, enjoying together and sharing the experience together.